2013 Southern Kentucky Quail Forever Gun Raffle
This year we have teamed up with Midway USA to offer two unique rifles for this years raffle. We have a the chance to offer a nice gift to everyone who purchases a ticket fr this raffle, a pair of Browning knives. These come in a commemorative tin that honors hunting as "Our family Legacy." The Rifles are both Browning A Bolt rifles. One is an adult size Browning Medallion, the other a Browning Micro-Medallion, sized for a youth hunter. Both rifles are chambered in .257 Roberts making the versatile and easily handled by a younger shooter.
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Southern Kentucky Quail Forever is having a sporting clay tournament to benefit youth activities and habitat projects. It is to be held at Wagoner Mill Sporting Clays in Scottsville, KY on September 28th 2013. Entry fee is $40 and we will be offering prizes awarded according to Lewis Class Rules    (Read More)

It's time to act!!
There is a critical piece of legislation that has been presented by Representative Brent Yonts that threatens The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife and would put more control into the hands of the governor and politicians. This is especially dangerous for Kentucky because the function and influence we hold as sportsmen is unprecedented when compared to almost any other state. We need to be sure that our voices are heard on this bill as it would take much of influence that sportsmen now enjoy and give it primarily to the governor. As one of the last self funded and sportsman organized wildlife departments in the country it would be a great loss to all sportsmen because the very model that we currently employ it is the envy of and pattern for many other state's wildlife divisions.    (Read More)

Southen KY Quail Forever Banquet 2013
Saturday April 27 was the 3rd Annual Southern Kentucky Quail Forever Chapter Banquet at Cambridge Market in Bowling Green , KY. With over 70 folks in attendance the night was full of old and new friends telling stories and laughing while raising awareness and money to support the local effort to increase the habitat for the Bobwhite Quail and youth programs like The Game Plan Foundation, to encourage a new generation of outdoorsmen. (Read More)

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